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How to find the ultimate for your holiday event.

Without entertainment, your Christmas event just isn’t going to be as unforgettable as it could potentially be. You have taken care of hiring a caterer, you also hired a design team, and found yourself a decent bartender. After all that hard work are you actually thinking of just plugging in an iPod and find a Christmas songs playlist? We sure hope not.

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We realize that having the task of hiring a Vancouver Christmas party DJ for your event can seem like just another task on your endless to-do list, but we bet you will be glad you did! The fond memories which are created and the new friendships that are made at any private or even corporate Christmas party could last a lifetime. Here are a few tips to assuring you book the ultimate Christmas party Disc Jockey.

Remember to Book Early!

Don’t wait until 2 weeks prior to the event to book your Christmas party DJ. Although we have a huge lineup of talented Disc Jockeys, our holiday team books up fairly quickly!  There are several entertainment companies in the Vancouver area who are able to organize Christmas parties in a short time frame of a couple of days.   You should make sure you get ideal Disc Jockey that will compliment your attendees as well as for your business. Get in touch with VancouverDJs as soon as possible so that we can be absolutely sure your party’s entertainment is taken care of.

The earlier you book a Disc Jockey through VancouverDJs, the higher your chance is of booking one of our talented, experienced, professional Christmas party Disc Jockeys at a very competitive rate. It’s much like booking a flight, do your thorough research and try to book early!

Choose a Package

Most of the time you will need more than just a Disc Jockey for your Christmas event. You might need the lights, or the sound equipment, and most people want the special effects. VancouverDJs offers all of this for much less than the competition and we provide much more in terms of customer service.

We set up our clients with signature packages which are custom made to suit their specific party needs. Not only do we come fully prepared with all the equipment we require to keep the party going all night, but we also always use top of the line, industry standard audio and DJ equipment so that you and your guests enjoy amazing sounding music as it was meant to sound at it’s very best.

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And as you should always do, get your DJ contract in writing, and clarify prior to the event exactly what is included and what is not included. The less surprises that pop up on the day of the event, the better when it comes down to event planning!

Make Your Budget

Make sure that you know exactly what your budget is, in advance before  meeting with potential Disc Jockeys. It’s a good idea to know precisely how much you could spend, or are able to spend, and find out if each Christmas party Disc Jockey can cover all your needs. And as mentioned above, always figure out exactly what will be included in the hourly rate and what is considered an “extra.”

Do Tons of Research

Researching local DJs is not only fun to do, but it will also prove to be invaluable when you are making sure you find a DJ to best match your party’s chosen style or theme. Every Disc Jockey is an artist, and each DJ  has different musical preferences. Invest some time listening to DJ sets by each DJ before contacting them to discuss their availability and their rates. Make a short list of DJs, and then work from there.

A Christmas party DJ is crucial in making sure that your guests have as much fun as is possible. Get in touch with VancouverDJs today to discuss your Christmas event and our availability! We are always excited to help make your Christmas party a night no one will forget.

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Christmas Party DJ Available in these areas

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