DJ by Genre or Style

Hiring a DJ by genre or style is sometimes the only option if your event is not a holiday event, like a staff party or sporting event.

Then you would probably want to choose your DJ based on the genre of music they play.

All of VancouverDJs staff have vast musical backgrounds and this covers almost every single genre of music you can imagine . From Country and Rock n Roll to Dubstep, Trap and DnB.

Make sure to ask what genre your Vancouver event DJ specializes in.

The last thing you want is to have a family friendly event only to have hired a DJ who specializes in Gangster Rap.

DJs by Genre

All of our DJs are trained professionally in how to perform with the most common genres, which are :

  • Top 40 (anything you hear on the radio)
  • Hip Hop
  • EDM
  • Popular Music
  • Dance Music
  • Requests

We provide our DJs with state of the art technology so that they are capable of fulfilling 99.9% of all requests thrown at them.

They are connected to our centralized database of over 500,000 songs and counting and this allows them to play any and all requests made by your events guests.

Make sure you have the right Disc Jockey for your next event, contact VancouverDJs and book a DJ today

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