Headliner Club DJs

Do you need a headlining club dj for your nightclub or party ?

Vancouver mobile djs for your event or party

Every DJ at VancouverDJs has a minimum of 5+ years experience working as a resident DJ or a headliner club dj at one of the many clubs in Vancouver. We are familiar with all kinds of setups including the industry standards. The industry standards nowadays is CDJ-2000 Nexus‘s with a DJM900 Mixer, which only requires the disc jockey to carry with him 1 USB stick with all his music on it.

But make sure you put your music through Pioneers, Rekordbox software which will analyse your songs so it can read them on the fly.

If you are setting up a make shift nightclub, we can provide you a headliner club DJ and some PK Sound Speakers to really get the party started.

Make sure you book a DJ for your special event ASAP as we get very busy this time of year.

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