Services for DJs

Once a DJ has completed our School4DJs program Disc Jockey Basics 101, there are several services they require to help them in their new chosen career path.

services for djs

VancouverDJs also offers in Vancouver and the surrounding areas , that are tailor made services specifically for DJs.

The Services for DJs That We Offer

DJ Website ServicesDJ Demo ServicesDJ Hosting Services

DJ Website Services

The #1 Service that today’s DJs overlook are their DJ websites. A DJs website is like his interactive business card with several samples of his music. This allows the potential client who is listening, the capabilities of determining: what kind of music you DJ, how smooth is your DJing transitions, will your sound compliment the kind of event they wish to have, do you make any DJ mistakes in your demo, how long can you DJ for without making a mistake etc etc

We Offer to Help You Make Your DJ Demo

– DJ Website Conceptualization
– DJ Website Development
– DJ Website Hosting
– DJ Website Domain Name Registration and Hosting
– DJ Website Management
– DJ Website Updates
– DJ Website Social Media Integration
– DJ Website Marketing

Vancouver DJs Now Offer DJ Demo Services

A DJ Demo is crucial in todays day and age. A demo is what a DJ must use to try and find DJ gigs in their local entertainment industry. The DJ Demos these days are used as a sort of DJ resume/business card/advertisment/promotional material that disc jockeys give to potential clients. A DJ demo should follow certain loose guidelines, in order to have the most impact on your success as a DJ. Make sure your DJ Demos are :
– flawless
– showcasing your diversity
– demonstrating your flexibility as a DJ
– a small taste of your musical taste/selection
– physical objects which we believe holds much more weight in finding DJ gigs then a simple link to a download page sent thru email.

We can provide several DJ hosting solutions for our clients. Once a DJ starts their path towards becoming a STAR DJ, they will need to have a place on the internet that is safe, secure and fast for them to upload:
– their DJ website
– their personalized email service
– their recorded mixes
– their DJ press kit
– their blogs
– their industry contact list
– their video footage
– and much much more. You imagination is the limit here