Vancouver 1 on 1 DJ Lessons

vancouver djs revealedThe professional DJs we have working at are also available to teach classrooms of new aspiring DJs or you can sign up for a more intimate Vancouver 1 on 1 DJ lessons with one of our DJs for a very affordable rate.

Instead of learning the skills to be a disc jockey in the Vancouver music industry in a large class environment we offer private 1 on 1 lessons for our DJs who already have some event Disc Jockey experience and are just looking to work on one or two specific DJing skills rather than every related topic, as is done in our DJ classroom courses.

Simply contact us to set up a time for you to come meet our professional DJs who run the Vancouver 1 on 1 DJ Lessons department. We recommend that students bring their own DJ controllers so that they may start practicing right away, however, owning a DDJ controller is not absolutely necessary.

School for DJs VancouverWe have several different brands and types of controllers for students to learn on. We have old school vinyl DJ turntables, Pioneer DDJ series Disc Jockey controllers, Novation Itch controllers, Numark Mixdecks, CDJ2000NXS, Hercules, Vestax and several others.

Student are also encouraged to bring their own music to the 1 on 1 DJ Lessons.

Obviously rookie DJ students have always done better when they brought their own music as it made them focus a little bit more when it was familiar music.

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